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Getting Started on Your New Fence or Deck

Thank you for visiting Precision Fence & Vinyl Inc. web site. We hope you find it both helpful and useful. If you are interested in having Precision Fence install your new fence or deck please go to either the request a quote button on the home page or to the contact us page and fill in the appropriate information. Someone from our office will contact you to arrange a time for one of our fence and deck professionals to assist you in choosing the appropriate products for your project, inspect the job site and prepare a bid to complete your project. 

Planning Your Project

There are a number of decisions you must make before ordering your new fence. Although each project is different, there are some considerations which are common to every project. The following information is offered to assist you. If you have questions not covered here, please ask your Precision Fence professional for assistance.

Sketch a Layout​

Drive stakes to locate proposed corner posts and gate posts. Look for obstacles in the proposed fence line (trees, bushes, structures, etc.). Measure the distances between the stakes and take a few moments to sketch a layout of your project. This is explained in more detail in the buy online install yourself section. Consider which direction you want your gates to swing. If you have, or are planning to install a pool most ordinances require the gates to open out. Some neighborhoods have building codes which restrict fence height and set back from property lines. If you are planning a property line fence, you will want to confirm your property lines before ordering your fence.

Know Local Ordinances

Building permits are typically required for most new installations. Local codes may require clearances or have height restrictions. Building codes for fences enclosing pools have restrictions on height, the direction the gates swing and hinge and latch types as well as latch heights. Replacing an existing fence in most municipalities in the St. Louis area does not typically require a permit – but it’s good to investigate before starting.

Check With Your Local Utility Companies

Before digging always contact Dig Rite in Missouri to have the location of buried lines, pipes and or cables marked. This is a free service.

Buy Online Install Yourself

If you are interested in buying vinyl material online and installing it yourself, follow these simple instructions to determine how many panels, posts, and gates you will need.

  1. Determine your property lines and property corners.  A copy of your plat of survey is very useful in locating your property lines. The house will be shown on the drawing along with dimensions for each property line and the distance from the house to the side property lines. Surveyors set iron pipe in the ground on the rear corners usually with either a red or pink cap on the pipe. You may have to dig around a bit to locate the pins since they are generally covered up by finish grading and sod.
  2. Once you have determined where your property lines are draw a simple sketch of the house and draw out where you want the fence to be placed in relation to the house and the property lines.  Also indicate where any gates will be placed.
  3. Measure each line or section of fence from one end post to next or from corner post to corner post and indicate them on your drawing. Measure the gate openings you would like to have and indicate them on the drawing as well. Your drawing should look similar to one below.
  4. All of our vinyl fence sections are 8’ wide and the next step is to determine how many sections, end posts, line posts, corner posts and gates you will need. Any dimensions under 8’ are counted as one section. On the lines that are longer than 8’ simple start by putting a mark across the fence line at 8’ intervals, these will be your line posts. End and corner posts are evident as well as gates.  
  5. Add the total footage of the fence not including the gates as they are priced separately.
  6. Click on the shop online install yourself button on the home page and select a category of fence. Privacy, semi privacy, picket style etc. This will take you to our configurator to begin pricing your new fence. 
  7. Choose the style and height of fence you want and input the total footage in the box in the configurator. From there it is simply a matter of following the steps in the configurator. After you have selected the appropriate gate opening sizes your total price will be displayed.
  8. Add to cart and proceed to check out. And thank you again, for visiting our web site.
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